Our resources allow us to handle projects of high complexity and detail, including those requiring management of multiple processes and secondary operations. The following is a list of processes we commonly employ:

Molding Capabilities

SLA Rapid Molding SLS Powder Sintered Molding Laser Cutting
CNC Machining RTV Small-Lot Rapid Molding Aluminum Injection Molding
Pressure Assisted Molding Vacuum Forming Sand Casting
Sheet Metal Bending EDM FDM


ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene PPA - Polyphthalamide PC - Polycarbonate
PP - Polypropelene PA - Polyamide POM - Polyoxymethylene
PMMA - Polymethyl Methacrylate EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate PE - Polyethelene
HDPE - High-density Polyethylene Silica Gel  

Surface Finishing

Chrome Plating Evaporation Plating Sputtering
Electroforming Anodizing Mold Tech Texture Library
Sandblasting Silk Screening Musashi Color Library
LED illumination Dust Proof Painting Laser Engraving