Through comprehensive examination and exhaustive testing, we meet our customer's needs for new product appearance by creating true to life appearance models and prototypes. This shortens the product development cycle and reduces the risk of tooling rework, as well as creating evaluation and marketing samples for potential buyers and design reviews.

By providing cost effective appearance models and prototypes, we enable our customers to get to market faster and before the competition. Terratype has invested in the most advanced technologies, the highest skilled employees and solid strategic partnerships in order to provide our clients with the highest quality appearance models.


We don't just batch process CAD data. Instead, our team checks and carefully analyzes the 3D data before it is broken down for prototyping. We do this to make sure no undercuts, missing surface tangencies or other issues are present. In the event that we find any issues, our customer service team will communicate with our client before moving forward in order to avoid potential future problems and make sure products come out as expected. Our team of engineers and industrial designers can also help finalize or correct 3D models while ensuring manufacturability using the latest software tools available in the industry.


Our team works closely with every customer in order to ensure transparency and efficiency in communication with regards
to finishes, colors and graphics of any given model. Every client is unique and so are their prototyping needs, thus, we work with our clients to create shared material and color libraries that fit their brand language and specific finish requirements so that all prototypes and appearance models are created according to their needs. Additionally, we carefully analyze ID Spec
checklists and ID graphic documents or even help create them whenever necessary.


Only after all data has been checked and approved, we will begin work with our production team making sure models are created based on the specific requirements. We leave no room for error by carefully following up and maintaining close
communication during every step of the production process and we will revise and rework models until they are flawless.


We take great care when it comes to packaging your models. Our team understands the fragility of some of the items
we manufacture and that is why we only ship using FedEx Priority and Overnight Service. This also means that even though
our production offices are located in Mainland China, you will receive models less than 36 hours after shipment is made,
however, due to our location we are 12 hours ahead, so If we ship on a Monday, clients will receive packages on Tuesday before 10:00AM